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嵐 (Arashi) [56077]

嵐 (Arashi) [56077]

  • Posted on: 01/11/2017
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嵐 o Tormenta, es el EP debut de ハシ (Hashi), conceptualizado en la Ciudad de México. Todos los tracks fueron realizados con el step sequencer Nanoloop y algunos otros sintetizadores análogos.



嵐(Arashi) or Storm it’s a chiptune EP writen, conceptualized in Mexico City, all the tracks are made with Nanoloop, there are some additional analogic synths used in the tracks too.

All tracks are composed, writen and recorded by ハシ
This Ep was mixed by Dr Oz
thanks to Chema Padilla for the support and the cover of the EP, Mahavigan for the artwork, to all the members of Colectivo Chipotle, specially to Piñata Party, Jazzleds and Danie for all the support